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Swellyhoop - hula hoops

The star among hula hoops

SWELLYHOOP® is one of the best selling premium hula hoop tires worldwide and a highlight among the top summer toys! Its unique water filling makes hooping ten times lighter than with conventional tires. The even turns make long hooping a breeze and guarantee an optimal movement and training effect. With its holographic designs in three sizes, the Swellyhoop becomes cool fitness fun for the whole family!

 Hula Hoop-Reifen

With unique water filling

Makes hooping ten times easier than with conventional tires!

 Hula Hoop-Reifen

The Original Swellyhoop®

The star among the Hula Hoop tires!


Attractive POS-display

 Hula Hoop-Reifen

With holographic designs

In three sizes (L ø 79 cm, M ø 74 cm, S ø 69 cm), the Swellyhoop® becomes cool fitness fun for the whole family!