The Swiss Original


The Swiss Original

The Original Slimy play and kneading masses are manufactured on basis of natural ingredients and are to hundred percent safe to play! As a classic Slimy or in the form of one of many fun new play applications, they have been fascinating children and the young at heart for decades. But the occupation with play masses is also of special educational value. By touching, kneading and dividing the masses, the sensory abilities are trained and the motor skills are promoted. By shaping and letting the imagination flow, the imagination is stimulated. With older children perception, imagination and creativity are encouraged.

Slimy Product-Highlights

Slimy® Mini Original-, Horror- &

The Slimy classics colorful mixed! Natural & safe without parabens!

Slimy® Mega Elastic

Strong, loud & MEGA-elastic!

Fruity Slimy®

The fruitiest Slimy of all times! Original Slimy in 5 deliciously fragrant varieties and iridescent colors. Naturally safe fun guaranteed!

Slimy® Super Fluffy

The fluffiest Slimy ever! Super fluffy and fragrant. Loosely light and extremely stretchy! In four colors with mango, apple, marshmallow and bubblegum smell!

New Slimy® Collectibles

The new Slimy Collectibles concept to play, collect and trade! 12 beautiful, magical unicorns to play & collect!

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Slimy® Glittzy

The most glittering Slimy ever! Simply magically sparkling! Extremely enriched with 12 different glitter types - no falling out of glitter and super stretchy!

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The next generation of incredibly smart Slimy Kneading! In the new transparent 3D container – WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!

Slimy® Sticky Creeblers

One by one or squeezed together like a ball, they crawl down walls, doors, windows and mirrors without leaving a trace!

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