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Kneading, pegs, colors and more for the little creatives of today - the big thinkers of tomorrow

Creative people are the visionaries and problem solvers of our future. Well-developed creativity means dealing with a topic, a project or a problem in an unconventional and courageous way. It makes it possible to look at the familiar from new and unusual angles, to dare to take bold steps and to go beyond boundaries. Creativity allows you to think around corners and tread unknown paths in order to create completely new possibilities.

Feuchtmann® is a leading German manufacturer of high-quality toys with over 50 years of experience and a diverse product portfolio.


Feuchtmann® Product Highlights

Feuchtmann Lieblingsprodukte
Favorite products

Meine Lieblingsknete, Meine Lieblingsfarbe and Meine Lieblingskreide from high-quality German production. The products of Feuchtmann® are manufactured in our own factory in Burgbernheim and promise quality and enthusiasm. Only first-class, food-grade and gluten-free raw materials are used for these products.

Feuchtmann Lieblingsprodukte

Modeling is fun and at the same time promotes motor skills and creativity. No wonder that the high-quality plasticine and modeling clay from Feuchtmann® is not only widely used in private households, but also in daycare centers, kindergartens and elementary schools - Feuchtmann offers a wide selection for every age: Junior Knete, Schulknete or even Meine Lieblingsknete.

Feuchtmann Lieblingsprodukte
Finger paints

The colors are vibrant, lightfast and mix effortlessly with each other. They are available in both bottles and pots and meet the strict requirements of DIN EN 71 certification. These colors contain only preservatives from the food and cosmetics sector and are provided with a bittering agent to prevent ingestion.

Feuchtmann Lieblingsprodukte
Pieces to stick

The timeless favorites in the field of motor toys: Feuchtmanns Stecksteine, the colorful attraction in numerous kindergartens, after-school programs and children's rooms. The different shapes allow the creation of many colorful works of art. ministeck Pixel Puzzle Sets are offered including templates and base plates and STECKi are available in practical, resealable play boxes.